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On-demand Filmed Tours and Interactive Virtual Tours are available.

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Online Filmed Tours

"The Battlegrounds of the Struggle for Civil Rights"

On-Demand Access

LENGTH: 1 hour (approximate)

Take a curated, online Filmed Tour through the Permanent Exhibit of the Civil Rights Museum from your own home. Purchase time-limited, on-demand access to a video of the pre-recorded guided tour of the Museum. For questions or technical issues, please email [email protected]

Access to your Filmed Tour will begin with your purchase and will end fifteen minutes after the conclusion of your filmed experience.

Click on a docent name below to book a tour now. You will receive a confirmation email allowing you to access your filmed journey.


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Tour Coordinator
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Education Program Coordinator
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Senior Docent

Hybrid Tour

A full tour sampling all docents.

Interactive Virtual Tours

"The Complex Tapestry of a Civil-Rights America"

Currently available for educational, corporate, religious, and civic groups of 25 or more.

LENGTH: 1 hour, 30 minutes (approximate)

How do these work?

Download our brand-new infographic below that will guide you through preparing your group, scheduling your experience, what your tour day will look like, and invoicing.

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You're invited to take a comprehensive journey through the spaces of the International Civil Rights Center & Museum with a senior docent who will bring your encounter to life and engage you in America's best story. This experience has been tailored to help students and educators examine the threads of creative and strategic struggle that define the Civil Rights Movement in the United States and abroad. More generally, this civic learning program will help participants use the knowledge of this informed and consequential history to help chart a more constructive and inclusive future, while critically examining historic and contemporary social movements that use direct action, non-violent protesting as a mechanism for change.

Please contact the Tour Coordinator at [email protected] to schedule a group tour.

PLEASE NOTE: The Museum strictly prohibits the recording or transcription of its Interactive Virtual Tours.

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