Group Visits

Please note that face coverings are required for all guests on-site.

Average Visit Length: 2 Hours

Scheduled Group Tour Hours: Mon. - Sat. (8 a.m. - 6 p.m.) / Sun. (Closed)

Group Discounts

Due to social distancing and decreased facility capacities, group discounts are only available for the Interactive Virtual Tour at this time.

Your Guide to Scheduling a Group Tour

Review Tours & Procedures

Review the Museum's virtual and in-person tour options and tour procedures below. Billing information, admissions, and protocols are included here.

Download Museum Primer

Download our complimentary Museum Concept Primer to introduce you to the Museum's educational concepts and narratives.

Submit Request

Fill out our Group Tour Request form, and our Tour Coordinator will be in touch within 48 business hours. You will receive an email with your sales order (SO) and next steps.  

STEP #1:
Tour Admissions, Descriptions, & Capacity

Seated Tour & Walkthrough
(90-105 mins.)

On-Site Visit

$15 per adult
$10 per student

Includes a filmed version of the staff-guided tour in the auditorium, followed by a self-guided journey through the Museum galleries. 

For K-12th grade groups:
One (1) complimentary chaperone admission per 25 students

CAPACITY: 180 guests per time slot

Staff-Guided Tour
(75-90 mins.)
On-Site Visit

$20 per adult
$15 per student

This experience includes an on-site, small-group, fully staff-guided excursion through the entire permanent Museum collection, including "The Battlegrounds."

For K-12th grade groups:
One (1) complimentary chaperone admission per 15 students

CAPACITY: 60 guests per time slot

Filmed Tour

(60 mins.)

Online Visit

$10 per viewer

A pre-recorded tour of the Museum staff-guided tour purchased on-demand from the comfort of your home. 


Interactive Virtual Tour
(90-105 mins.)

Online Visit

$15 per adult
$10 per student

An online interactive virtual presentation that incorporates pre-recorded footage with a live Q&A with a senior Museum docent via Zoom. 

At least 25 participants are required for this experience. Please note that a minimum balance of $250 will be charged for groups of less than 25 people, and scheduled on a case-by-case basis.

25 or more people - $1 off per person
50 or more people - $2 off per person
75 or more people - $3 off per person
*Discounts do not stack. Only applies to Adult admissions.

CAPACITY: 100 guests per Zoom, up to 700 guests total

Content Warning

"Hall of Shame" Exhibit

The Museum contains an exhibit called the Hall of Shame that highlights graphic imagery and language, including scenes of physical violence, lynchings, and burnings, that may be inappropriate for children or younger viewers. Viewer discretion is advised. It is generally recommended that groups with students in K-6th grade exercise extra caution in planning for this exhibit. 

Have students in K-2nd grade?

The SIMI Tour is also available! With both a virtual and in-person option available, the SIMI tour incorporates an abbreviated guided tour, along with a story read by a docent. You can select this option in the Group Tour Request form further on this page. 

The Hall of Shame exhibit is excluded by default from our SIMI Tours. 

SIMI Tours: $8 per student / $15 per adult

Parking Instructions

Buses and vans may load/unload directly in the dedicated bus lane located in front of the Museum's main entrance on South Elm Street.

If the bus lane is not available, buses/vans may park at the Greensboro Bus Depot.

Individual cars may, 1) find street parking along South Elm Street, or 2) park in either parking deck within one block of the Museum - Davie Street and Greene Street. 

Download Parking Map

Billing & Invoicing

DEPOSITS: Groups are required to pay a deposit to formally confirm and hold their visit date and time once their sales order has been received from the Tour Coordinator.

Schools and universities may submit a purchase order (P.O.) to waive their deposit requirement.

Deposit Amounts:

Staff-Led Tour: $120 per 15 attendees

Seated Tour & Walkthrough: $60 per 15 attendees

Interactive Virtual Tour: 30% of total balance (estimated attendance)

SIMI On-Site Tour: $60 per 15 attendees

SIMI Virtual Tour: 30% of total balance (estimated attendance) 

BALANCE: The remaining balance should be paid upon arrival. Repeat attenders may have their balance invoiced.

Download Museum W-9


Museum Protocols

Photography & Videography

Photography and videography are strictly prohibited in the Museum's galleries as the Museum does not own the copyrights and redistribution rights to the material. Photography and videography are thus limited to the lobby area only.

Food, Gum, & Beverage

Food, gum, and beverage are not allowed in the galleries. Drinks sold in the giftshop may only be consumed in the lobby area.

Face Coverings

Face coverings are required for all guests entering the Museum. There are no exceptions.

Artifacts & Exhibits

Guests are not to touch or lean against the walls and artifacts within the galleries.

Cancellations & Rescheduling

Deposits are nonrefundable except on a case-by-case basis for tour cancellations.

Guests may reschedule up to the Friday before the week of their scheduled tour. Rescheduling within the same week of your scheduled tour will forfeit your deposit and require a new deposit to be made for a new date and time.

STEP #2: Download your Museum Concept Primer.

Want to get an introduction to the Museum's central concepts and themes? Download and print your free primer here.


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